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Transferring Site

14 Mar 2018 in: Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you might have a need to copy the whole website including settings and data to a new hosting server. Here is the set of instructions how to do this.

The very first step is to copy all your files from your cms pro location to a new server. There are several ways to do that:

  1. pack files in cPanel file manager and then move and unpack them on your new server
  2. pack files in SSH using any shell package command like tar, gzip, etc.
  3. download files using FTP to your local PC and then upload them to a new location

Note: you can remove all the files from your cache/ directory as they are not needed for the new server and they will be generated dynamically.

The second step is to transfer your MySQL database. You can do that in your hosting phpMyAdmin. Simply make a full backup of your cms pro database and import it in your new website database.

After you do the steps described above you should make the final changes:

  1. update site directory site_dir field in settings table from phpMyAdmin, only if moving site to a different folder.
  2. configure your lib/config.ini.php file and put your new database details there
  3. configure your .htaccess file with new RewriteBase path (if needed)

That's all. Open your website in your browser - it should work fine.