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Digishop Module

16 Mar 2018 in: Modules


Configuring file directory


To configure file directory first you need to find out your root directory. There are several ways of doing it, and cms pro has that feature built in .

Go to /admin/system/ and under CMS info tab find Root Path entry:

Since I'm using Window OS, my path is W:\public_html\cmspro5\, but if you are on Linux/Unix OS, your path will be different like /home/username/public_html/


Next step is to create folder outside of your publicaly accessible directory. Since my public directory is W:\public_html\, I will create a new folder in W:\ You can name new folder whatever you want, I will call mine DDP_FILES, and I can access it from W:\DDP_FILES\ . In your case most likely /home/username/DDP_FILES/


Now that we have our secure folder, we need to enter new path into digishop configuration. Go to /admin/modules/digishop/settings/ , and enter new path.

Note trailing slash / at the end of the path. Just make sure regardless of your OS, you need to have trailing slash at the end of the path.