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13 Mar 2018 in: Getting Started

To install cms pro you have to run installation file. In the example below we will use mysite.com as an example domain name. Whenever you see this name you have to substitute it with your actual domain name. We will also use wojocms/ as the script root directory. If your directory differs from this one you also have to change it to your actual directory.

To start installation, run the installation script by typing the following URL in your browser: http://www.mysite.com/wojocms/ (remember to substitute mysite.com with your actual domain name and wojocms/ with your directory name).

cms pro installation process is divided into three simple steps. They are: Pre-installation check, License, Configuration. Let's review these steps in details.

a. Pre-installation check

This step checks your server configuration and explains if your server suits all the requirements for running the software. Besides, you can download Server Requirements Checker . Just unzip and point your browser to checker.php file and you will understand if you can go on using the cms pro software.

Pre-installation check is divided into several groups:

  • Server Configuration
  • Recommended Settings
  • Directory & File Permissions

Let's review all these groups in details.

Server Configuration

Name Usage
MySQL Version MySQL version that is used on your server. cms pro requires MySQL 5.6 or above.
PHP Version Version of PHP on your server. It should be equal or greater than 7
XML Support XML lib is used to parse RSS feeds, and for language files
PDO Support This module is used to connect to MySQL database engine from PHP scripts.
INTL Extension This extension is used to display dates in different language formats.
GD Extension This extension is used to generate captcha and for images and banners resizing. We highly recommend installing it in case you do not have it.

Recommended Settings

We highly recommend setting correct values for all settings here. Anyhow, the script will still operate in case you have some of them configured in a different way. Safe Mode, Register Globals, and others must match required configuration.

Directory & File Permissions

Set correct permissions for all your directories and configuration file. Installation process can not be completed until you set writable permissions for lib/directory

Default Admin Login

Default admin login: admin/pass1234
make sure to chnage it immediatelly!!!